Unfortunately, wisdom teeth often cause problems. Inflammation can occur in connection with wisdom teeth breaking through. This is often treated by removing the tooth in question. Wisdom teeth can also cause problems if they lie incorrectly in the jaw and press against or have contact with the teeth next to them.

Removal of wisdom teeth in the upper and lower jaws

Removal of wisdom teeth in the upper jaw is usually uncomplicated because the tooth grows straight out, and the roots are collected, making the tooth easy to tip out with forceps after it has been loosened. Wisdom teeth in the lower jaw often grow crooked and are more firmly attached than wisdom teeth in the upper jaw. Removal of wisdom teeth in the lower jaw generally requires a minor surgical procedure because the roots can be bent, and the tooth can be close to the nerve. This can be seen in an X-ray image. In some cases, it may be necessary to divide the tooth into smaller parts. The whole thing is done under local anesthesia.

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