X-ray images are used to diagnose teeth and bone during a consultation. There are different types of X-ray images. For a larger treatment need, our OTP/panorama may be a necessity to give a complete overview of your teeth and jaws. Depending on the situation, different types of X-ray images are taken.

Different types of X-ray images

There are three types of X-ray images. There is the regular X-ray image, also called an intraoral image. With this X-ray image, there is a possibility to see the tooth and the root tip.

In addition, there is an OTP X-ray, which provides a full overview of the teeth and the jaw. It is used a lot in implant and surgery. The X-ray machine is in a separate room.

At a regular check-up, it would be an advantage to take a bite-wing X-ray image to determine if, for example, there is a cavity in the teeth. It shows the crowns of the teeth and part of the bone. Bite wings are most often taken during dental examinations.

When should an X-ray image be taken?

An X-ray image is taken to see the bone and the parts of the teeth that are not completely visible in the mouth. It is not always necessary with an X-ray image.

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