If you have a defective tooth that can no longer be repaired with a regular filling, a crown can be made, or for a fragile tooth, such as a tooth that has had root canal treatment. This will make the tooth more durable and ensure that it does not break or lose the tooth. If several teeth are missing, a so-called bridge can be made.

Crown treatment

A crown is used to make the tooth more durable, which is already damaged or fragile. In connection with crown treatment, the tooth is ground down so far that a new crown can be placed on the remaining natural tooth. This makes it better/easier for the new crown to fit. Subsequently, impressions are taken with our Trio scanner, which is digital, where we send the scanned image to the technician, so a crown can be made, which comes about 10 days later. The crown is made individually to ensure that it fits perfectly with the remaining teeth and has the same color. Color samples are taken before the scan is sent. A temporary crown is placed on the tooth to protect it until we receive the crown.


If you are missing two or more teeth, a bridge is the solution. The bridge is supported by natural teeth, which must be ground down first so that they can support the new bridge. After grinding, impressions are taken and sent to our technician. After about 10 days, it can be cemented in place. The bridge is permanently attached to, for example, two natural teeth. A temporary bridge is also made until we receive the finished one.

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