What is a dental check-up/examination?

The first dental check-up with us is a basic examination where the entire set of teeth is looked at, and is supplemented with 2 x-rays, which are called bite-wings on each side of the molars. Afterwards, we will clean the teeth, where tartar is removed and this helps your gums to stay healthy. If there are incipient holes, this can be helped by applying fluoride. 

We examine whether there are any changes in the mouth, e.g. palate and tongue as well as mucous membranes. Afterwards, we examine the gums for gingivitis and other forms of dental disease such as periodontitis. 

Next, we examine the entire set of teeth for holes and cracks. That is why it is also important to have X-rays as it can show several things, eg gaps between teeth, the size of the gap. We would like to know how your health is. 

It can have an impact on the teeth and the mouth. We would like to know if, for example, you are taking medication for any illness, because medication can have an impact on which anesthesia is used if a major treatment is to be carried out. After the dental check-up, we automatically call you in when it's almost time again, so that we always follow up on your dental status/dental health

Should we contact you?

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